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Our Story

Founded in South-East London, Idle Fury was born as a way to represent the underrepresented; catering to those who decline cultural norms and, instead, decide to swim against the current.

It all started while Jake was grinding through his day job, taking things day-by-day but knowing he had no real passion for it. Jake was good at it and his income was stable, but there was a persistent sensation of stagnation. There was always the feeling of a dream being smothered. This was the “Idle”. He yearned for something he could really be passionate about. Something greater. Something that would bring his soul alive while inspiring others. This was the “Fury”.

Having a love of bold designs, beautiful letterforms and gritty textures, Jake quickly found success selling novelty t-shirts online. But it wasn’t quite what he had envisioned. So he began toying with the idea of pursuing his long-held dream of starting his own clothing brand. Leveraging his skills as a graphic designer, Jake began to focus solely on creating and commissioning killer designs for a venture he could be truly passionate about - Idle Fury.

Taking inspiration from various outlets (traditional tattoos, illustrative art, music and life itself) our pieces will definitely turn some heads. We are dedicated to bringing you comfortable and high-quality clothing that enables you to be your true self.

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